Yamamoto Neoprene- Surfer's new favorite material.

Made from limestone and canola oil, Yamamoto is a Japanese neoprene and is one of the most sustainable neoprene alternatives on the market.
Traditional neoprene is manufactured with petroleum oil, which does not make a wetsuit recyclable at the end of its lifetime, unlike Yamamoto.

How will it change my surf experience?  

Flexibility like no other.
One of the best features about Yamamoto is how stretchy the material is, allowing you to maximize your performance. It is also significantly warmer than traditional neoprene and dries within 24 hours. 
Say goodbye to struggling getting into wetsuits, or feeling the restriction when paddling.

How does it feel? 

2 words. Silky smooth.
Yamamoto will feel like butter against your skin compared to traditional neoprene which can oftentimes feel scratchy and itchy. We've also designed the suit to accomodate for broad shoulders. Using Yamamoto #40 in the shoulders allows you to have extra flexibility while you're paddling out. 
And yes, it’ll keep you just as warm, if not warmer.

What is it composed of?  

The properties that Yamamoto are made with creates exclusive closed cells, making it a extremely durable neoprene.
Not to mention its lighter, and dries significantly faster than normal neoprene.